Saturday, October 16, 2010

Asheville, North Carolina's Mt. Herman Lodge No. 118

Chris Hodapp at Freemasons for Dummies writes about Mount Hermon "It's always great to read an article about a Masonic building that isn't catching fire, being torn down, or sold as a community center, but is actually being cared for and improved by its members. The brethren of Asheville, North Carolina's Mt. Herman Lodge No. 118 got a nice writeup in the Asheville Citizen Times today for the renovation work in their Temple. (Somebody needs to post interior photos.)

In the coming months and years, [Worshipful Master J.R.] Yarnall said the lodge hopes to increase public access through concerts, a possible showing of classic horror films, and through a collaboration with local colleges and community groups to help preserve the building and its contents.

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College students studying decorative techniques and restoration may help with the renovations, instructor Tim Hanlon said.

“They (the Masons) were hoping we could help them a little with the labor, and maybe help them come up with some color palettes that would be appropriate for the time period and its current use,” Hanlon said.


In the main lodge room, where the single gold star adorned the ceiling, members plan to paint additional stars, forming an image of Orion's Belt.

On the third and fourth floor, a little-used theater will be renovated and will play host to concerts and other events.

“That will be a midnight blue ceiling with the Zodiac around, and then primarily reds and golds — a very classic, 20s or 40s-style theater paint job,” Yarnall said.

The brethren are planing a game room and even a gym, and have stripped out carpet, refinished their wood floors, and given great attention to paint choices. The building was designed by Richard Sharp Smith, who helped plan the incredible Biltmore Estate..."

Mount Hermon Lodge #118 was chartered in 1848 by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina. Housed in the Asheville Masonic Temple, our Stated Communication meets on the first Thursday of each month with an open dinner at 6:30pm and the meeting following at 7:30pm.