Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Prayer Request:

As many of you know, Joe Brigman, JD Blackmer 170 was in an accident while working on a job site. A forklift driver lost control of his load and crushed Joe with a spool of wire. The only thing sticking out from under the spool was from the knees down. Joe is on a respirator in ICU while the doctors monitor his conditions. He has some bruising on his brain, 9 broken ribs, a broken cheekbone and various contusions and scrapes. He is being kept sedated for now, but when he is allowed to regain consciousness, he reaches for the tubes down his throat which is a very good sign. The swelling of the brain is not catastrophic. I will keep you posted as to Joe's conditions and needs.

Please pray for Joe and Margaret and think about what you know and who you know that will aid them during Joe's recovery.
Tycer Lewis

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