Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trestle Board: January - February 2012

80 Broadway
Asheville NC 28801
(828) 252-3924
JR Yarnall, Master: 279-2667;
Ron Lambe, Secretary: 828-252-0643;

From the East


I hope you had wonderful holidays and are looking forward to this new year as much as I am. It is an honor to be in the East again and I know that I can count on your support to make this a great year for Mt. Hermon.

As always, our lodge is busy and getting busier all the time. Thanks to the efforts of Brother Lance Grungé we had a very successful fundraiser for our charities. This year we will hold our second annual rummage sale at the Temple and build on that success. This will be our major fundraiser for the year and I am asking all of you to lend your support. More details will be forthcoming so please consider lending your time and energy for the good of Oxford and Whitestone.

This year will also mark the third annual theater degree in the fall. Mt. Hermon is very fortunate to be able to stage this degree for the benefit of the district. We will begin preparations for the degree in March. If you would like to be in the degree please contact me as soon as you can so we can assemble the degree team and stage crew and make this the best theater degree yet!

And, perhaps most importantly, we are blessed to have a large number of excellent candidates going through the degrees and becoming active members of our lodge. If you haven’t been to lodge in a while you should join us for dinner before our meetings and meet the new members.

Thank you again to all the brethren for allowing me the opportunity to serve the lodge this year. I know, with your support, that it will be a wonderful year for us all.

Fraternally yours,
JR Yarnall

Mount Hermon Meetings

Thursday, January 5
Dinner 6:30 PM
Stated Communication 7:30 PM

Thursday, February 2
Dinner 6:30 PM
Stated Communication 7:30 PM

Other Masonic Bodies at the
Asheville Masonic Temple

Asheville Court No. 1, Order of the Amaranth
Friday, January 6 at 7:30 PM
Friday, February 3 at 7:30 PM

York Rite (367-5590)
Comandry - Tuesday, January 24 at 7:00 PM
Tuesday, February 28 at 7:00 PM

Public Events at the Temple

January: Techno Contra Dance (1&4); Vanishing Wheelchair Magic Show (7); Techno Contra Dance (28); Chocolate & Talent (29).
February: Vanishing Wheelchair Magic Show (4); Moving Women Valentine Dance (14); Opera Creations (24,25,26).


In January: G. Wayne Faulkner (1); Martin Houghtaling (4); Joseph Patneaude (4); James Buckner (5); Galen Holland (5); Travis Owen (6); Brians Scarborough (7); Buford McClure (15); Mike Fizer (15); Jesse Ingle (16); Kevin McKercher (17); Carey Harnash (18); David Pareda (19); Ron Lambe (21); Jim Hughes (22); John Burchfield (25); Wayne Fender (26); Richard Israel (27); Russell Truluck (28); James Henderson (29); Howell Ammons (30); Darrin Ball (31); John Carroll (31).
In February: Robert Bryson PM (1); Jerry Parsons (1); Michael Begley (7); Harry Wilson (7); Paul Caldwell (14); Herbert Warner (14); Mark Bloomfield PM (16); David Joyner (17); Raymond Kievit (20); Richard Bass (26); Andrew Meyer (28).

Asheville Masonic Temple, Inc.
Board of Directors

Bro. Lonnie Darr, President
WM J. Tycer Lewis, Vice-President
Bro. Lance Grunge, Treasurer
Bro. Ron Lambe, Secretary
Martin Osteen
Carol Melton
Gary Seybold
Bro. Gus Sims

2012 Mt. Hermon Officers

Master: JR Yarnall
Sr. Warden: Lonnie Darr
Jr. Warden: : Kevan Frazier
Treasurer: Ron Halvorsen
Secretary: Ron Lambe
Sr. Deacon Steve Green
Jr. Deacon: Gus Sims
Sr. Steward: Carey Harnash
Jr. Steward: Christopher Johns
Chaplain: Mark Jordan
Tyler: Ricki R. Pierce
Historian: Mark-Ellis Bennett

Hermonic Happenings

The Asheville Masonic Temple Board is organizing a Friends of the Temple organization to assist with fundraising and events here.

This year, we plan to begin to distribute our Trestle Board electronically via email where possible. So, if you have an email address that we are not aware of, please give us that so we can send you the newsletter that way. We will still mail copies to those without email, but it is much more cost effective to post the Newsletter electronically. In time, we will be able to issue it monthly for more timely information.

The AMT is sponsoring a Clean-up Day once a month on Second Saturdays. In January, we will work on the Library, and in February, we will work on the Dinning Room. Anyone interested in helping contact Ron Lambe at 252-3924.


Mount Hermon Lodge #118 was chartered in 1848 by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina. Housed in the Asheville Masonic Temple, our Stated Communication meets on the first Thursday of each month with an open dinner at 6:30pm and the meeting following at 7:30pm.