Saturday, June 30, 2012


On March 15, 2012, Bro. Benjamin Franklin Smith passed away. He was born in 1929 in Colver, PA and worked as a maintenance engineer. He was raised on January 19, 1970 and passed his Third Degree catechism on April 2, 1970. He received his 25-year Service Award in 1995. He is survived by his wife, Mary A. Smith.

On June 22, 2012, Howard Asbury Hix passed. He was born in Asheville on April 14, 1928 and worked at BASF plant. He served in the US Army in Korea and Vietnam. He was raised on January 27, 1959 and was a Life Member of Mt. Hermon. He resided in Williamsburg, VA and survived by two sons: Adam and Ralph.


Soft and safe to thee, my Brother, be thy resting place! Bright and glorious be thy rising from it! Fragrant be the acacia sprig that there shall flourish! May the earliest buds of spring unfold their beauties o'er thy resting place, and there may the sweetness of the summer's last rose linger longest! Though the winds of Autumn may destroy the loveliness of their existence, yet the destruction is not final, and in the springtime, they shall surely bloom again. So, in the bright morning of the resurrection, thy spirit shall spring into newness of life and expand in immortal beauty, in realms beyond the skies.

Until then, dear Brother, until then, farewell!

Mount Hermon Lodge #118 was chartered in 1848 by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina. Housed in the Asheville Masonic Temple, our Stated Communication meets on the first Thursday of each month with an open dinner at 6:30pm and the meeting following at 7:30pm.