Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trestle Board: September – October 2012

From the East
Thanks to the money raised at our Belle Chere
fundraiser, the new chain collars for the officers
have arrived. This is great timing. Due to the
number of EA and FC we now have, we will be
discussing holding EA lodges (for Masonic
Education) monthly in addition to our Stated
Communications. The goal is to get these new
members engaged and active from day one.
I am also thrilled to announce the renovated
Temple looks amazing! Come by, see the
changes, meet the new members and play a game
of pool in the third floor lounge!
Fraternally yours,
JR Yarnall

Mount Hermon Stated Communications
Thursday, September 7
Dinner 6:30 PM
Stated Communication 7:30 PM
Thursday, October 4
Dinner 6:30 PM
Stated Communication 7:30 PM
[See www.MountHermon118.com for Emergent
Communications dates]

Hermonic Happenings
On August 4, Mt. Hermon celebrated a
Family Fun Day at Weaver Park in Asheville
with a picnic. We had about 50 folks including
children, and it was a nice event.
Congratulations are due to Bro. Gus Sims
for being certified as a District Lecturer!
Most of the restorations work on the
Temple is complete (for this phase), but we do
have a lot more to do (it's a big building long
neglected). We need volunteers....

On March 15, 2012, Bro. Benjamin
Franklin Smith passed away. He was born in
1929 in Colver, PA and worked as a
maintenance engineer. He was raised on
January 19, 1970 and passed his Third Degree
catechism on April 2, 1970. He received his 25-
year Service Award in 1995. He is survived by
his wife, Mary A. Smith.

On August 1, WB John Calvin Hyatt
passed away. He was born on April 10, 1932
and worked at American Enka as a shift
foreman. He was initiated on Feb. 9, 1970;
passed on March 9, 1970, and raised on April
13, 1970. He was Past Master in 1999.

Asheville Masonic Temple, Inc.
Board of Directors
Bro. Gary Seybold, President
WB J. Tycer Lewis, Vice-President
Bro. Lance Grungé, Treasurer
Bro. Ron Lambe, Secretary
Vann Gibbs
Bro. JB Howard
WB Martin Osteen
Bro. Gus Sims
Friends of the Temple
HL Florence Presley


Mount Hermon Lodge #118 was chartered in 1848 by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina. Housed in the Asheville Masonic Temple, our Stated Communication meets on the first Thursday of each month with an open dinner at 6:30pm and the meeting following at 7:30pm.