Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Chamber of Truth by WB John Burchfield

We are very excited to announce that WB John Burchfield has published a book called The Chamber of Truth!
"The Chamber of Truth is a thrill ride of suspense and subterfuge through the heart of Jerusalem. After the king’s best friend Joseph is viciously attacked and left for dead, it becomes evident that someone is conspiring against King Saul Oman and his very legitimacy to the throne. Legends, ancient societies, and corrupted loyalties obscure the path to the truth. Amidst a swirl of danger and intrigue in the Holy City, will Joseph ever come to know his own lineage? Who is the rightful heir to the throne? The answer to this question is contained in ancient scrolls—documents the king’s enemies will kill to get their hands on. Where is the jewel and who has the scrolls? Will Joseph willingly accept his place in life or vow to serve the king? How are the Freemasons involved? Burchfield masterfully constructs a world steeped in ancient religion, the society of Freemasons, and the inner workings of the city of Jerusalem. Spoken through the voice of a member of the society, The Chamber of Truth offers an unprecedented glimpse of the true power of the principles and belief system of the Freemasons."

You can pick up copies of this book at BookDaily or Amazon
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